This spring candidates from both major political parties are seeking endorsements for state and federal offices.  There will be some candidates that don’t deserve their party’s nomination and yet they will run with a nomination by default.

Mr. Blumenthal is seeking the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate and exemplifies a candidate that has served his party with loyalty and commitment.  He has consistently supported his party at events across the state, working with his party’s candidates to promote their election.  Mr. Blumenthal has been the consummate party patriot proudly parroting the party line and pandering to special interests for party support.  He deserves the Democratic Party’s nomination for the U. S. Senate.

The party needs Mr. Blumenthal.  The question is, do the people of Connecticut need Mr. Blumenthal?  The people of Connecticut need and deserve a Senator that will be a voice of the people, not a parrot for his party.  Connecticut doesn’t need a clone of Senator Dodd, playing party politics and pushing personal promotion above the needs of the people of Connecticut.

Sorry Mr. Blumenthal you may deserve the nomination but you don’t deserve our vote.  We need a Senator to represent more than your party or your personal ambition.




2 responses to “PARTY MAN

  1. Phil Blazawski

    How could anyone not agree with the statement: “The people of Connecticut need and deserve a Senator that will be a voice of the people.” We need to stop with the BS between party viewpoints and do what is best for the people, i.e., True Democracy. We also need to impose term limitations – to get rid of the, “good ole boys”.

  2. Phil Blazawski

    Yes, our Senators and Congress need to act “for the people” – regardless of overall Party viewpoints. That is “True Democracy”. We also need to impose term limits to overcome the”Good Ole Boy” issues we are plagued with in the House and Senate.

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