Who are we as a people?  What makes people of the United States “Americans”?  When you look around the world people have formed countries around things they have in common it is what makes them who they are as a nation.

In the United States of America: We do not have common language. We do not have common religion. We do not have common culture. We are not one race, color or creed.

In the United States of America: We are a nation founded on the basis of Christianity albeit not uniformly the same traditions.  We have a government founded on a belief that our rights as individual human beings are endowed from our creator, God.

The United States of America has a history of stepping forward to fight for the rights of mankind.  Our armies have fought around the globe to defend human rights not to conquer territory the only territory we continue to occupy is that which holds the bodies of our fallen sons and daughters in foreign lands.  We have shed blood across the globe sacrificing sons and daughters protecting the rights of individuals in the face of great inhumanity.

The Constitution of the United States assures citizens basic human rights one of which is the right to freedom of religion.   In the United State we have the right to practice and observe our own religious traditions.  The Constitution did not ban religion or call for a separation of government and religion there is not separation of church and state in the Constitution.  The intent was not to ban religion from government it was to protect the individual right to practice religion without interference from government.

Why?  Why was this so important to the founding fathers?  Was it only because they were from a diverse background of religious belief?  Clearly the answer is no, they were students of not only the bible but of history.  They understood the importance of religion and government and the interaction it must play for a nation to be a long term entity serving the people it was intended to serve.

When there is no religion, when there is no God in the fiber of a culture and nation the people have nothing but government to turn to for all hope and vision of the future.  It is not by accident that communism and many tyrants ban the practice of religion in countries they rule.  They need the people to believe in and turn to government.  The people have no other alternative than government as a source of hope and vision for their future.  The larger the role of government in the lives of individuals the more restrictive the options are for the people that live under the control of that government.

When government reaches to the point of control where a majority of the people must depend on government for the basics of life and future benefits the more control the governing class will have.  The government can control the people by virtue of its’ own authority because the people will have little alternative.  The rights of the people will come from the government and can be taken away as easily as they were granted. This relatively small “government class” known as an oligarchy becomes the determining source of rights, benefits, and ultimately wealth.  (Have you noted when Congress has passed laws that apply to the people but not to Congress?)

There has been a slow march to fundamental change in the United States.  We as a nation have moved away from the role of Christianity in our government to a secular government.  We are moving to broaden the scope of government to cover areas of life that our founding fathers would never have approved.

Our founding fathers recognized the weakness of mankind and the history of governments shows time and again the role those weaknesses play in how man uses the power of government.  It was that recognition and understanding that formulated the thinking for the creation of the Bill of Rights and the structure of government that provides for a separation of powers.

It is the move toward secular government and concentration of power in the government class that can forever change the fundamental rights of the citizens of The United States.  We as a nation as Americans must be ever vigilant to protect the rights granted to us by God and guaranteed to us by our founding fathers.

There is no free lunch, there is no free health care everything with government has a price.  In a Democracy we the people must decide how we pay the price.  Are you willing to fundamentally change our government?  Are you willing to gamble and put at risk the rights our sons and daughters have fought to protect?  Are you willing to risk the future rights of your children for some potential individual gain?  Is greed and self centered thinking or a quest for personal power worth changing the future of the United States forever?

Be careful what you wish for, what government provides government can deny.


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