Eight candidates have tossed their hats in the ring to seek the Republican Party nomination for governor of Connecticut. Last night they faced off in a lively debate of the issues. Clearly some helped their image and stature while others helped themselves down the road and off the campaign trail.

C. Duffy Acevedo a financial analyst from Branford seem to be the only candidate that wanted to appear as a pro-union politician willing to give unions preferential treatment over the needs of the taxpayers. Proposing to play patty cake with unions will not win the Republican nomination. That should be the last we hear from C. Duffy as he wanders down the campaign trail without a map and clearly out of touch with taxpayers be they Republican or not.

Jeff Wright, mayor of Newington made clear the three key elements in his campaign; cap taxes, cut spending and improve State policy toward business. He was clearly courting Republican voters for more on his campaign: https://www.wrightforct.com

Mark Boughton, a former state representative, and current Mayor of Danbury compared the legislature to a 1984 comedy saying, “They’re kind of like the movie ‘Gremlins, if you feed them after midnight and give them water after midnight, they will multiply with bad ideas and bad public policy. So the bottom line here is we can’t feed the gremlin. We can’t give them any more money.” http://www.boughtonforct.com/about_mark.php

Tom Marsh, first selectman of Chester, appears to be a nice guy and feeling his way into a first run for State office but he was a bit short on specifics. Look for Tom to play a role in the future for Connecticut Republicans but for now check out his campaign at http://www.marsh2010.com/index.php

Larry DeNardis, of Hamden has experience in the world of politics and education as a state senator, member of the U.S. Congress, appointee in the Reagan administration, professor, and college president. At 71 Mr. DeNardis seem to past his prime in the debate but more information can be obtained at his website http://www.denardisforgovernor.com

Oz Griebel, of Simsbury is from the world of business rather than politics. He showed a strong understanding of economic issues during the debate and brings a fresh point of view as “a political outsider”. Oz gave the impression of being a straight forward business executive with the courage to face political issues with the best interest of the citizens in mind as he see the situation. http://www.ozforgovernor.com

Michael Fedele, the current lieutenant governor showed that he has the experience of office that affords him a deep understanding of the economic issues facing the State of Connecticut. He called for a four year spending and hiring freeze that could only be broken by direct action of the Governor. http://fedele2010.com

Tom Foley, Businessman, and former Ambassador to Ireland presented perhaps the best showing of the debate with his wide range of knowledge of the issues, and well thought out answers. He referenced his web site as a source for greater details on his opinions and solutions for the issues facing Connecticut. http://www.tomfoley2010.com

Foley, Fedele and Griebel look to be the leading contenders coming out of the debate. Over the next few weeks you will be hearing much more from them the websites above are prepared by their campaigns and provide a good source to learn more about each candidate.

One thing for certain each of the leading Republican candidates made it clear that things must change in Connecticut if we are to move forward as a State. The tax and spend policies of the past will not be the road to take for Connecticut after the fall election. The Republican candidates for Governor will need support in the General Assembly from good trustworthy Republicans willing to bring real change to Connecticut.


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