The students of Coventry have over $300,000 in their Student Activity Account but is that the end of the story?  The Board of Education received a report on the fund recently but that has only stimulated more questions as to what is going on with this account.  Here are some as yet unanswered questions

  1. Every year citizens and businesses are solicited for donations to Project Graduation yet students have large sums of money in their student activity accounts left unspent after graduation, why?  Here are some examples of unspent money still in the account being held in the name of students no longer in the Coventry School System: Class of 2004 in the amount of $1702.81, Class of 2004 in the amount of $1702.81, Class of 2006 in the amount of $3717.74, Class of 2007 in the amount of $2126.18, Class of 2008 in the amount of $9442.58, Class of 2009 in the amount of $6637.15
  2. If funds are deposited into the Student Activity account for specific applications how is it that the line for Guidance – AP Exams can be overdrawn by $6241.00?
  3. The High School has an interest income in the account in the amount of $43,249.36 that is a lot of money, how long has that been accumulating?  What will this money be allocated for and why is the balance so high?
  4. Is there really a car club active at the High School and who is the advisor?  It seems there is money in the Student Activity Fund for this organization.
  5. Captain Nathan Hale has an account identified as income, just how is this money to be allocated since no purpose is shown as to why the money was placed into the account?  It is hard to justify a line in this type of account for no assigned purpose yet there is over $6,000.00 on this line
  6. The school year ends on June 30th and this report shows a balance being carried forward of $337,025.14 for the next year, is there excess money being carried forward that should be cleared from this account?
  7. Since the school year is over why is there so much money remaining in the Coventry Grammar School Principal/general account it shows a balance of $17,548.77 was this money allocated for use during the school year or is this money still currently in the account, in a “bare bones budget” it seems there would be critical needs to satisfy with this money why has it not been spent?
  8. It seems kind of interesting that a Kindergarten class would be carrying forward $3,649.01 from one year to the next how was it accumulated and for what purpose is it being carried forward from one school year to the next?
  9. The Robertson School shows a beginning balance for UNICEF $3026.77 and a year end balance of the same amount that would indicate that students donated the money in the name of UNICEF however the money was never forwarded to UNICEF is that correct?
  10. Perhaps the most important question is why after months of seeking this information was the Board of Education given a report with the most current information being the balances as of June 30, 2009 and yet the information was not made available until March 4, 2010?  Why is the Board of Education not receiving current data?




  1. Julie Blanchard

    Found this information very informative. It is the type of information the public should be aware of.

    • It is my hope that this information will be passed on to others within our community. Please feel free to forward a link to the Opining Quill to others and encourage them to become friends on Facebook.

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