Senator Guglielmo Named Chairman of Legislature’s “Rural” Caucus

Republican State Senator Tony Guglielmo, has been elected to chair the newly formed “rural” caucus of the Connecticut General Assembly. Sen. Guglielmo, who represents Coventry and 12 other towns in the northeastern part of the state, said that the committee will review legislation and how it affects the state’s smaller communities. The bi-partisan caucus is open to any member of the legislature and currently consists of approximately 20-25 members whose districts include rural areas.

“One of the things I have always said is that smaller towns have just as big concerns about what goes on in Hartford as the bigger municipalities do,” said Sen. Guglielmo. “This caucus brings together legislators who have similar concerns and will allow us to review bills that could have both a positive and negative affect on rural and suburban areas.”

Sen. Guglielmo said that among the matters that will be discussed are issues relating, but not limited to, open space, agriculture and zoning. He said that just about every issue that comes up for consideration can have some affect on small towns.

“Rural towns do not have the means that the bigger urban areas have. So I think it is very important that members of the legislature who have such common interests come together and talk about how certain legislation can affect their areas. I am very pleased to be elected chair of this caucus and I do believe it will end up being very beneficial to rural communities throughout the state,” said Sen. Guglielmo.

Coventry Republicans have supported Senator Guglielmo in his efforts to protect the rural character of our community with his efforts at the State Legislature.  Last year Sen. Guglielmo was instrumental in passing legislation to support local dairy farms.  The preservation of the rural character in northeast Connecticut is not a controversial political issue but rather an issue of commonality among members of both parties.  While some folks would stop all building or development there is little opposition based on the preservation of rural character to some of the largest building projects in Coventry.  Take for example the proposed fire station renovations, or new Town garage.

There is sometimes a bit of inconsistency or perceived double standard between the development of public buildings and those of private or corporations.  The ownership of the project should not change the perceived impact on the rural character of our community all projects should receive the same scrutiny.


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