The Coventry Town Budget meeting will be next Saturday April 24th at Coventry High School in the Veterans Auditorium and will start at 10:00am.

Look this week for some comments here at the Opining Quill on the proposed budget but more importantly go to the Town Meeting and express yourself.  This is truly an opportunity to be heard, to have your voice rise above the silence of apathy.  While you listen to others speak you may gain an appreciation for another point of view or even change your opinion on the budget.

Where are your tax dollars being spent?  What are the priorities?  What impact will this budget have on the future?  Is Coventry going in the direction you think is appropriate?  Do we need to raise taxes higher to cover new projects?  What are the needs of the future?  How does your family budget look in relation to the Town budget?  How are your employees (those paid with your tax dollars) doing are they getting raises and increased benefits?  Are you giving raises and benefits equal to or better than those you receive for the hours and time you spend on your job?  Keep in mind the special training your employees may have and their qualifications are we paying enough?  What about employee retention?

There are lots of areas to consider when you look over a budget and perhaps lots of opinions will be heard next Saturday.  Will your voice be heard?  Will your opinion add to the information other use to decide on this vital issue?  Your voice will matter if you participate, so come join the discussion, it’s the right thing to do to support your community.  Come experience a true New England Town Meeting be part of the historical tradition where the voice of all the people can equally be heard.


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