Dmitry Medvedev

Russia has recently seen the violence from terrorism hit Moscow as the bombing within the subway system has taken innocent lives.  The response from President Medvedev was to issue a five-point plan for combating terrorism.  Much of what the President introduced could be anticipated and expected such as bolstering law enforcement agencies and delivering “sharp dagger blows” to terrorist.  That is the type of rhetoric most Americans expect to hear from the leader of Russia.

Throughout the cold war Russia was considered by many to be a god-less country ruthless in dominating the lives of citizens.  Many American’s prayed for the conversion of Russia based on the apparition of The Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima Portugal in 1917 and the message passed to children witnesses.

So why do I mention this in relation to a terrorist attack on Russia.  Let us now look at what else President Medvedev said in his plan to combat terrorism.  He called for the government to help people who break ranks with the terrorists, and he called for more development of the economy in the North Caucasus.  The other two segments of his five-point plan tell us more about Medvedev and the changes that have taken place in Russia over the last 20 years than any other event.  He called for the government to promote “morality” and “spiritual growth” among the people in the North Caucasus.

Dmitry Medvedev recognizes the importance of morality and spiritual growth as a basic value, important in the foundation of modern day Russia.  The emphasis of communist Russia in the past was to have the people turn to the State and to remove religion from society.  The reliance on the State was the foundation for control of the people and any hope for their future was to be found in the government.

The founding fathers of the United States knew the importance of religion and the strength it brings to a nation and hence guaranteed the role of religion in daily lives of the people.  The so called separation of church and state is not to limit religion and religious practice but rather to encourage it without government interference.

Today we hear almost daily about limiting religion in the United States under the guise of protecting the people from religion in government.  Dmitry Medvedev is moving the Russian people in the direction of spiritual growth while the United States moves to limit spiritual growth and the role of religion in the morality of our country.  There has never been a time in our history when religious practice has been limited, assaulted and diminished as much as it is today.

Soon we will have another Supreme Court justice nominated let’s hope that they have read the Constitution and understand there is no “separation of church and state” in the Constitution but there is the freedom to practice religion.  Dmitry Medvedev understands the power of spiritual growth and morality and he wants to conquer terrorism with it.  Perhaps in this country we could stop gang violence in our inner cities if we encouraged more spiritual growth and morality and less glorification of immorality and violence in the music and television so often delivered to our youth in those areas


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