What a wonderful sunny morning for the Town Budget Meeting and the weather forecast for tomorrow shows rain clouds. That is much like the Budget meeting today we will hear a sunny presentation and the coming financial storm will be ignored.

Simply ignoring anticipatied coming changes in COVRRA, leaking roofs, failed negotiations, a failing Town Garage, and a fire department that wants to expand will not make them go away. Just because they can be ignored in the budget doesn’t mean you will not eventually pay a price for them.

This budget does not present the true picture of anticipated spending going forward. The use of one time savings from bonding refinance for continuing expenses only delays the pain. When that savings money is gone the expenses will still be there. We are not fixing the core problem of cost.

Democratic leadership seesu the problem as a lack of income and the solution as more taxes. The real problem is the growth in goverment and the cost to maintain that expansion.

This budget is designed more to protect govermental growth than to protect the taxpayers. Hiding costly coming expenses without a plan to pay is not a good budget. Kicking the can of problems down the street and using smoke and mirrors to cover the action is not the right course of action.


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