Little was learned about the public’s concerns when it comes to the Coventry budget proposed for 2010-2011 during the Town Meeting on Saturday.  What we do know is apathy was the word for the day as attendance was very low.

Judging from those choosing to speak there is considerable support for the budget and little concern about spending one time savings for continuing expenses. Increasing cost to the taxpayers by over $75,000 by delaying the school roof projects seems to be just fine.  Apparently those present did not see that as an issue worth more than a mention by a single speaker.

Next week if voter turnout is low and increased taxes are approved most people will find the reason with a quick look in the mirror.  There is no reason to complain if you leave the solution to others and fail to have your own voice heard.  Saturday was the opportunity to participate in a true New England town meeting and yet most residents failed to participate.  How sad it is to see the opportunity to participate in a democracy be brushed aside with apathy.

It is not a matter of being for or against the budget it is more important that citizens participate in their government and learn what is really happening with their hard earned tax dollars.  Are the priorities in spending what you would like?  Do you know why taxes are going up?  If you like the budget you should speak up and endorse the spending if you oppose the budget you should voice your opinion as to why.

To sit on the side lines in silence is an injustice to those that serve your interest.  Your elected officials can only guess what you want if they guess wrong you are ill served.  You can not blame Democrats or Republicans for poor government if you are so apathetic as to not participate and let them know what you think of the job they are doing.


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  1. Roman Gabriel

    I read in the Journal Inquirer that the Chairman of the Republican Town Committee spoke. Problem is the Chairman of the party didn’t really speak. The speaker referenced was a former Chairman. Makes me wonder if the press is more apthetic about what’s going on than the public.

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