Bleeding Hearts Today the Opining Quill acknowledges the “bleeding hearts” in Congress with a picture of a seasonal flower.  In recent days we have heard words such as controversial, incendiary, and unlawful used to describe the Arizona legislation passed to help address the problem of illegal aliens within their state borders.

Bleeding heart liberals have become misguided in their foggy thought process unable to see clearly that laws are made for a reason.  The term “illegal alien” indicates something inappropriate to normal moral behavior has taken place to earn the term “illegal”.

Consider for a moment traveling to any other country without having a passport or visa, what would your status be in that country?  What is your risk for such behavior?  There is a good reason a passport and or a visa is checked as you enter a country.  Countries value their way of life, the safety of their citizens, and believe national security is a vital role of government.

So why is there uproar over protection for the citizens of Arizona from criminals entering our country illegally?  The uproar should not be about what Arizona is doing as much as what the federal government is not doing.  The federal government is not protecting our borders.  In fact the federal government is constructing a magnet of attraction so strong as to encourage illegal entry into the United States.  The United States has enacted laws to allow for benefits to be provided to criminal aliens as if they were some special class of citizen.

Across the globe the United State is viewed as the land of opportunity and freedom a land where you can live with a standard of living only dreamed of by the vast majority of people in other lands.  But now our Congress has gone a step further and given “illegal aliens” special status.  They are somehow being considered like an endangered species something to be protected and cared for.  Illegal activity of any kind should be discouraged, controlled and eliminated like an invasive weed rather than as an endangered species.

The United States should continue to permit legal immigration and the federal government must live up to the responsibility it is given of protecting our country.  It is reprehensible that any American feel that the State of Arizona should pick up the tab for the failure of federal government.  The bleeding hearts should be concerned with the failure of federal government to enforce laws already on the books for the protection of this country.

The problem is not in Arizona.  The problem is in Washington and the fix is to remove the weak kneed, spineless, bleeding heart Senators and Representatives that will not stand up against criminals to protect the United States.


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