For months voters of Connecticut have been hearing from a bevy of candidates tossing their hats in the ring to run for the United States Senate. This fall for the first time in a long time Connecticut will have a new United States Senator when all the votes are counted.

On the Democratic side State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal looks like the obvious party candidate. He has waited for this opportunity and attended more rubber chicken dinners while parroting party line than any politician in the state. He has become an Attorney General known for his self promotion press conferences. He will soon be rewarded for party loyalty with a nomination to run as the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.

The Republican Party on the other hand will have a busy convention and quit possibly a primary to determine their candidate. The early leading contending candidate was Rob Simmons, a former congressman with a fine reputation and resume of public service. He is not alone in seeking the office Peter Schiff and Linda McMahon have proven they too are worthy competitors with substantial support among party activists.

Early in the campaign Mr. Simmons took advantage of an early announcement to gather endorsements from many grass root organizers within the party. Mr. Schiff has shown he is a capable, astute campaigner with a command of issues and depth of knowledge often missing from a new face on the campaign trail. Linda McMahon understands that organization and political savvy are a vital element in any political campaign. The innovative, creative marketing of her organization is proving that she knows how to get elected.

The momentum in the Republican race is moving in the direction of Linda McMahon several early endorsements for Simmons have recently switched camps as McMahon is showing increased strength and support of convention delegates. Watching the campaigns heading into the Republican convention has demonstrated the ability of each candidate to build an organization capable of constructing a coalition of support for their run. McMahon is a political newcomer and outsider without the baggage of past votes that Simmons must drag around and explain.

The train is getting ready to leave the station, Schiff is still working to get a ticket, Simmons is dragging his baggage and McMahon appears ready to turn the train into a whistle stop campaign event. The momentum is going her way and it should make for an interesting ride to the Republican convention with Peter Schiff in the club car, Simmons in the caboose and McMahon ready to offer passengers a new timetable, new conductors, and pulling out of the station going full steam ahead.

For Mr. Blumenthal the long wait and the light at the end of the tunnel just may turn out to be the McMahon express headed right at him. Grab a seat hang on and tune in as we watch the train from now until November.


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