More than once I have heard the expression “politicians are for the birds” or “we ought to just give them the bird”.  Now it seems the Connecticut State Legislature may be overrun with some type of bird.

The most recent attempts to craft a budget are more complex than a bird’s nest and seem to be conceived with birdbrain schemes to hid new taxes.  It is sometime difficult to discern exactly what species is in charge but one ornithologist has suggested perhaps the flock at the capitol is controlled by an ostrich in charge of finance.

The largest egg in the state budget is employee salaries and benefits which have been protected by something larger than a mother hen.  Apparently ostriches lay the largest eggs of any living bird and the protection of these expenses suggests they are being treated like golden eggs hatched by the unions for the head ostrich.

The ostrich is often depicted as a bird with its’ head in the sand.  That would be an appropriate description of our State Legislature.  Look at their solution for our budget woes, using federal stimulus, one-time budget transfers, and the deferral of payments to the pension fund.  If you stick your head in the sand and don’t make your costly pension fund payments you don’t solve a budget problem but you do look like a proverbial ostrich.

A real ostrich when threatened often will hide itself by lying flat against the ground and do nothing.  Ah, isn’t that kind of like the legislatures approach to requests from taxpayers for labor concessions, unfunded mandates and tax relief?

Now we have a State Comptroller giving out a call of warning that the 2011 State budget may be as much as 700 million in the red.   The bird calls from the capitol in response to this warning are a discussion on how to hide a tax increase in the electric bill of most taxpayers.  The other point of alarm from the Comptroller is use of short-term notes to pay everyday continuing expenses, another birdbrain scheme if I ever heard of one.  Do they think we are all like the ostrich with his head in the sand and will not notice?

Enough is enough.  It’s time to clean out the bird cage.  Give these birds a new view of real life without special perks and privilege.  It is time to open the doors of the Capitol Building and drive these creatures from their perch of power to spend their remaining years on the front porch of some retirement village.


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