In historic Coventry Connecticut birthplace of Nathan Hale the Conservative Party Connecticut was born this morning with registration of two voters.  Jesse Haskell party Chairman registered and then introduced the second party member and first elected official to join the party, Mr. John Barrett.

Mr. Barrett is a second term member of the Coventry Board of Education originally elected as a Republican.  In brief remarks Mr. Barrett said, “the Conservative Party Connecticut is all about getting back to basics.”

Mr. Haskell is a past chairman of the Coventry Republican Town Committee and former member of the Coventry Economic Development Commission.  Mr. Haskell referred voters and interested members of the public to the Conservative Party Connecticut website for more information.

The political landscape is changing in Connecticut and around the nation.  Massachusetts recently elected a Republican Senator to fill the seat of the late Democratic Senator Kennedy.  In Connecticut a new freshman Senator will be elected this fall to fill the seat of retiring Democrat, Chris Dodd.  Across the nation the tea party movement has awaken a new interest in politics for many voters from both major political parties and a large number of voters not affiliated with a party.  This has created more talk of political change on the horizon nationally as well as locally.

Here in Connecticut the major political parties will have their state conventions this month to endorse candidates for the fall elections but most towns are budgeting for political primaries this summer.  This will be the first election season for the Conservative Party Connecticut and it looks like they have done some serious work in building a website and getting ready to be a player in Connecticut.

Conservative Party Connecticut according to their website’s five reasons to join the party will concentrate on “core values”.   Their website is clear about their view of a smaller government, “The Conservative Party strives to have less government intervention and yet maintain a reasonable level of laws and regulations to insure all individuals with growth opportunities and equal protection from others and the government.”

Many people have expressed the opinion that the two major political parties have too often sounded as one voice with a different hat.  The Conservative Party Connecticut could change the playing field by providing an alternative that may appeal to many voters now displeased with the status quo.


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  1. Roman Gabriel

    I’m changing my party affiliation to Conservative today!

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