News out of California is just one more indication of the liberal left politically correct crowd pandering at every turn with no regard for the lessons they teach, examples they set or the impact on our nation.  I am talking about the vice principal of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill just south of San Francisco sending home students because they wore shirts with American flag images to school on a Mexican holiday.

Yes it was May 5, or Cinco de Mayo and students were sent home and told they could wear the same shirts any other day of the year but it would be “incendiary” to wear on the Mexican holiday.  Some other students even called for the boys involved to issue an apology for being disrespectful of the Mexican community.

Apparently there is a lack of geographical and political science knowledge at this high school not to mention a lack of common sense.  The five students threatened with suspension did nothing wrong.  The clothing in question was not in violation of school policy or any dress code.  This was a value judgment by a vice principal based on racial profiling that because they were dressed as “Americans” on a Mexican holiday in their own country they somehow violated the boundary of good taste and decorum for a high school environment.

The last I checked Morgan Hill is still part of the United States and still receives funding from American taxpayers.  This action by the vice principal sends the wrong message, sets a poor example and should not be tolerated.  Immediate dismissal from employment for the vice principal would be appropriate and set a better example for students to learn tolerance, acceptance and patriotism.

This type of behavior should not be protected by any union with a sense of right and wrong or concern for the lessons being taught to the children in our schools.  The five students should receive an apology from the school administration for the embarrassment caused to them and their families.

In this Month of May we celebrate Memorial Day.  A day set aside to remember those that served our nation under the flag of the United States and gave their lives to protect our way of life.  It is a disrespectful of them and to every citizen of this great nation that any student not be allowed to display an American Flag on any day in any high school in this country.

Will mothers across America soon be expected to check an international calendar of events before they allow their children to dress for school?  Are you paying attention to what is being taught in your schools to your children with your tax dollars?  What are the real lessons, ethics, morals and examples that your children will learn?


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