The telephone does not ring there are no flowers there is only a tear as memories flow of a little boy heading off for his first day of school.  A brief memory passes.   A smile slowly spreads when the thought of his first hit in little league baseball put a look of glee upon his face.

A tear drops from mom’s eye as memories of his senior prom trickle past.  He looked so grown up that night, he was becoming a man yet he was still, mom’s little boy.

Today there are no flowers and the telephone will not ring but it’s Mother’s Day and he would not have forgotten.  He would remember he always did.  He made those homemade cards and called when he was away.

The little clay ashtray, a Mother’s Day gift from second grade sits on the nightstand and holds his high school ring.  His mother looks at the picture on the mantel and her eye drops another tear.

Today is Mother’s Day and there are no flowers and the telephone will not ring.  He looks so young, yet so proud he was a man, a new Marine.  His dog tags hang upon the frame his memory hangs within her heart.

It’s Mother’s Day.  A mom will visit Coventry today to kneel and say a prayer at the Vietnam Memorial for her son and the other 611 remembered on the wall.  For 612 mothers from Connecticut today is for memories of little boys and broken dreams, of lives lost and futures never found.

We honor those mothers for their sacrifice and suffering they are not forgotten.  Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers today.

Read the Opining Quill this week for a special look at Coventry Board of Education items of interest you may be shocked.


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