The Student Activity Fund will be on the agenda tonight for the Coventry Board of Education it should make for good television in fact it may be the most compelling show on this evening.  Why is that?  How can that be?

Well let’s see, at the last meeting it seems discussion disclosed that money collected for some field trips and student pictures was a bit overstated to parents and the excess was used like a fundraiser for school items.  Not only does this seem deceptive to parents but would also seem to be inappropriate.  Particularly since the excess funds were to be used for items at the discretion of somebody other than the Board of Education to offset items that would normally be covered in a Board of Education budget.

Then of course there is the excess money collected in the accounts for classes that have graduated.  This will be an interesting topic if Board of Education members have read the legal opinion of their own attorney.  Apparently money was returned to some students in a manner that is not consistent with their own legal opinion.  Statements made public at the last meeting concerning using class funds for class reunions is also contrary to legal advice.  This should make for an interesting discussion tonight.

If Board members are really interested in looking into the Student Activity Account and willing to ask the right questions there should be plenty of action required to correct past actions.  Oversight has been lacking and this was more than apparent when the accumulated interest was discussed it seemed very surprising to all that there was over $43,000 in interest in the account.

Let’s hope we find out what the income line is all about because all monies going into that account should be for a particular purpose and there should be no line item labeled as income.  If there is to be revisionist history on television tonight it should be on the history channel and not from our Board of Education.

Tune in at 7:30 on Channel 13 for the entire meeting or according to the agenda the discussion of the Student Activity Fund should start about 8:15.


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