Where is Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and why is he so silent? Is he hiding his records or revising his history? Has he a severe case of laryngitis? Mr. I fight for you, let me attack business at every opportunity is missing from action.

While 20 other U. S. State Attorney General are engaged in a legal battle with the federal government Mr. Blumenthal is silent. While the National Federation of Independent Business, a leading association representing small businesses has joined the 20 states in a lawsuit challenging overhaul of the U. S. health care system Mr. Blumenthal is missing from the action.

Apparently protecting Connecticut citizens from an unfunded federal mandate to purchase health care coverage or be forced to pay a tax penalty is Mr. Blumenthal’s idea of good government policy. Now if that be so, the question must be asked where does it stop? Can the federal government mandate that all wage earners buy milk to support farmers, or restrict automobile sales to only American union made automobiles to support the economy and create jobs? While some would argue health care is somehow different because we all need health care in some form at some time well what about housing or water? Can the government mandate that you buy water or housing? Where does it stop?

Twenty states are challenging aspects of the health care overhaul as being unconstitutional does Mr. Blumenthal care if Connecticut citizens are subject to unfunded mandates of the federal government on a personal basis? He is running to become a Senator in Washington representing the State of Connecticut. If he is elected what are his plans? What else does he think we should be compelled to buy by the federal government? Is there a limit Mr. Blumenthal?

When should an Attorney General protect the citizens of state he serves? The answer is apparent with Mr. Blumenthal only when it is popular, (it doesn’t have to be justified) when it does not diminish the growth of government or when his personal popularity is not at risk.

Connecticut does not need another party puppet in Washington doing the bidding of professional politicians. Connecticut does not need a Senator that will put party politics above the people of Connecticut. Connecticut needs a new voice in Washington, a voice of common sense and reason that will reflect Connecticut values. Our founding fathers built this great state with balanced budgets, restrained government intervention and a respect for the individual and local government. Connecticut needs a U. S. Senator that will reflect the traditions and values of the citizens we do not need Mr. Richard Blumenthal a professional party politician.


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