Richard Blumenthal embellished his military record and revised history. Susan Bysiewicz stretched her experience beyond reason in the eyes of justice. Vice-President Joe Biden misrepresented his academic past. What motivates these public servants to embellish their records and revise history? What do they have in common other than they are all Democrats? Is there some kind of disease, illness, or common motivation that causes basically good people to go beyond the bounds of reason?

Our founding fathers were aware of the reasons when they formed our government and wrote our constitution. They understood the frailties of man and the destructive nature of pride and greed. They pondered how to protect “the people” from the sins of men as they assumed the power of government. ** (See a special note on this at the end of this post)

The founding fathers were visionaries they set terms of office with a length of service. We have three branches of government with rules of conduct in place to control how the business of the people should be conducted in a manner to protect the rights of the minority from the majority. Unfortunately they did not have 20/20 vision into the future.

They never anticipated career politicians making their life’s work in the U. S. Congress with special perks giving them health and wealth. They never anticipated private jets and overseas junkets for government servants. Today our government, at both the state and federal level has created a special class of citizen entitled to special perks of power. We call them elected government leaders and we the people have allowed them to create these special perks of power.

It is no wonder that we find some people weak in character that will revise history to enhance their image to seek office or continue to receive these special perks. It is no small wonder that it doesn’t happen more often and maybe it does and goes on noticed. Perhaps if the founding fathers were writing a new constitution today they would be including term limits to reduce the temptations of wealth and power.

In too many instances public service has become a road to riches, a life of special perks and power. We as a people have abandoned our role in government we have blindly given great trust to our leaders. We the people are not vigilant in our duty to take some responsibility for our own government, look at the number of eligible voters that are uninformed and fail to vote.

We as a people have created an opportunity so attractive in government service that individuals of weak character or misplaced motivation will go beyond the boundaries of reason and “over the top” to gain our favor in their quest for elective office. Equally risky is the politician that makes promises of perks to the people in return for their vote. That politician is banking on the weakness of mankind to promote their own agenda and not to provide good government as a “public servant”.

The repeated revision of history by Mr. Blumenthal is symptom of a greater disease. How we react to the disease is up to us. We have choices. We can ignore the revisions and vote for Mr. Blumanthal. We can vote for his opponent. That is a personal decision but as a nation we can not ignore the disease we must call for action and term limits is a discussion worth having.

**For more commentary on this issue read Sins of Government and You from the Opining Quill of March 14th


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