After loosing the Republican Party endorsement last night Rob Simmons faces a conundrum this morning.  He is asking what footwear the voters will see me wear today

Rob had the early lead in all polls among candidates seeking the U. S. Senate endorsement from the Republican Party in Connecticut.  Rob made a calculated decision to announce he would not primary if he did not win the endorsement.  It was an obvious baiting move to trap opponents into the same corner.  However, opponents Peter Schiff and Linda McMahon never took the bait and now Rob is in the corner.

Linda McMahon won the Republican Party endorsement to run for the U. S. Senate after a spirited come from behind campaign to become the front runner against Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal.  Now Rob Simmons must decide in what direction to step next and how it will be perceived.

Rob only has one pair of footwear but he knows he has two choices.  He can walk into a primary and opponents will say he is wearing “flip flops” or boldly march forward wearing what a Hawaiian calls “go aheads”.

Hawaiians coined the name “go aheads” because in that footwear you can not walk backwards.  The Simmons supporters today are telling Rob, go ahead.  The Mc Mahon supporters will point out Rob is wearing “flip flops”.

It will be up to the voters in a primary to decide if Rob looks best wearing “flip flops” or “go aheads”.  Either way Connecticut will see something that has become rare in this state, a primary battle for the Republican nomination to the U. S. Senate.

The endorsement of McMahon was no surprise to readers of Opining Quill see commentary of May 5th at link below.


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