The older we get the more memories we have of days gone by; our first love, our first car, a wedding day, a college degree, our first home and of course the birth of our children.  Life brings so many special moments, so many memories, and so many smiles and yes a few tears.

Today is a wonderful spring morning the flowers are blooming, the sun is rising higher in the sky and the long days of summer are just beginning.  Life is good as we gather with family to barbecue and enjoy the company of one another.  We are lucky to be Americans we are lucky to have the freedoms we enjoy but our freedom has not been free.

Today we will observe Memorial Day.  A day set aside to remember our sons and daughters that sacrificed their dreams and lives for you and me.  Many of those remembered today were young and in their prime of life.  They had dreams of tomorrows and memories of loved ones at home awaiting their return.

They exchanged those dreams and memories for your freedom.  They paid the price for you to enjoy another day as a free American.  They gave all they had, and all their future so that you could be here today to enjoy all the beauty of springtime and wonders of life.  In America today we set aside Memorial Day to remember those special men and women.

I ask that you remember the true meaning of the Memorial Day, look around and take in all that you see and hear today.  Remember today, those that paid the price for you to have this day as a free American.  No where on earth do others have all the opportunities, and freedoms you have as an American.

We live in a country built from the diversity of our citizens, a melting pot of traditions and cultures.   We as Americans can all have our own traditions, our own religious beliefs and we can all speak freely, because we are all Americans.  Today we remember and honor those that gave every ounce of life to protect and defend the country we all call America.  Today is their day, but they will not see the parades, they will not hear the speeches but we shall not let them be forgotten, because we are all Americans.

Join your fellow Americans today and remember those that gave their lives for us.  They paid the ultimate price and today we can all pay our respect in our own way; a silent prayer, a visit to a cemetery, or participation in a parade.  They never asked for this day but we can never forget their sacrifice, because we are all Americans.

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