Danger in Coventry, federal officials must act to save the children!  Voters in Coventry banned from voting by federal court judge!  Are these examples of alarming headlines or possible headlines?

Yesterday the topic here at the Opining Quill was the decision of Federal Judge Janet Hall to end the practice by the Enfield Board of Education of using the First Cathedral in Bloomfield for graduation ceremonies.  Her reasoning extends far beyond that case her tentacles of thought may well extend to our community of Coventry.

Coventry voters in District 2 vote in the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  Clearly, the scholarly intellectual Judge Hall would have a negative opinion of that based on her writings in the Enfield case.  Judge Hall seems to think that the mere presence of a cross on the property or architectural design of the building is enough to show endorsement of the religion by any tenant using the property.  The fact that the Town on occasions may have covered anything of a religious nature within the building to limit it from view would show a connection between church and state according to erudite Judge.

Perhaps shutting down the voice of the people would not bother the Town Council since they ignored their own poll input when 67% of the participants endorsed tipper barrels for trash collection without green bags.  But that is an issue for another day.

What is Coventry to do?  Will we ignore the ruling of a Federal Judge?  Will we wait for an actual complaint and the legal expense to defend what is happening?

Oh, but wait there’s more!  The Superintendent of Schools may have to act to protect our children if the good Judge Hall comes to town.  Yes, the Coventry school system is connected with a preschool program within a church.  Oh my, those innocent children, have we no concern for their well being?  Shall we move the program or stop the funding?  What is Coventry to do?

Are the people of Coventry really in violation of the United States Constitution?  Have our Town leaders led us down a path in violation of Federal law?  Certainly we do not think of our community as a rogue state of criminals with little regard for the rule of law.  Perhaps, just perhaps the decision of Judge Hall will be overturned and we will once again be, Coventry the Gateway to the Quite Corner of Connecticut.

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