It seems many people would like to have some more background on the tipper barrel issue with some more facts so here we go.   The Opining Quill has been following this issue for a long time and has collected information as it was provided at meetings to the Town Council.  It is provided here to satisfy that thirst and stimulate discussion.

For those at the meeting you may recall the discussion by Mr. Elsesser concerning the fund and the call to “tell them what the surplus is”.  Well while that number was never actually given out Monday night the Opining Quill does have a number, as of 6/30/09 the undesignated fund balance in fund 218 – COVRRA is $435,618.  Undesignated fund balance is the surplus at that time not actually set aside for a specific expense.  In defense of the statement by Mr. Elsesser you should understand that there is a cushion that needs to be held in the account.  This does not exceed an appropriate cushion but is excess money as expressed at that time.

The Coventry Resource Recovery Authority is the people that are appointed to oversee the trash and recycling activities of Coventry they have  also voiced an opinion on the tipper barrel issue.  When presented with the knowledge that the current contract for trash and recycling was drawing to a close they began to study the issue.  The results of that study were formulated into a presentation and recommendation to the Town Council on how to best go forward. Their final conclusion taken directly from the last page of their presentation is this:

The need to be proactive in providing a service that is both economically and feasible and user friendly will bring about the best results to the community in the long term.

Recommendation is to change to Tipper barrels for both collections (eliminate Green bags), bi-weekly recycling with an option of a reduced trash barrel size (and lower fee), billed in two payments.

There is some confusion about the cost to the Town for the two options now in discussion.  The Town Council voted for the use of tipper barrels for recycling bi-weekly and for weekly collection of green plastic bags for trash.  The public poll conducted by the Town Council indicated that 64% of those interested enough to respond preferred the use of tipper barrels for both recycling and trash with the same schedule of collection as the Town Council had chosen.  Below are copies of the actual bid from the contractor for both options, the bottom line is the same to the Town.

For additional information see earlier postings.

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