The Opining Quill has learned that the number of emails received at the Town Hall concerning the tipper barrel issue has ignited renewed discussion within the Town Council.  In an exclusive interview with the Opining Quill after meeting with Town Manager John Elsesser,  Councilman Richard Williams said there are current discussions about options in response to the expressed public interest.

Mr. Williams a Republican, has been advocating the discontinuation of the trash bag system in favor of tipper barrels for both recycling and trash with his only support on the Council coming from his fellow Republican Julie Blanchard.  All five Democratic Council members have supported the use of tipper barrels only for recycling and maintaining the use of plastic bags for trash.  Now there are talks going on prior to the next meeting, that may result in additional discussion or action on June 21.

According to Mr. Williams there are four options under consideration:

  1. Taking no action and letting the vote stand.
  2. Having COVRRA on the agenda and opening the door for a reconsideration motion.
  3. Forming a committee.
  4. Having a town vote in some form.

The agenda for the next meeting will be formulated between now and the end of next week.  This provides additional time to contact members of the Town Council and to express your position concerning this issue.

Perhaps Mr. Hall after hearing the input Monday night and receiving a large number of emails will now consider this issue as serious as the voters of Coventry apparently do.  This past Monday night Mr. Hall said there were several serious issues and he felt that the Town Council was “wasting our time” in discussing the tipper barrel any longer.  His concern was to bring forth three more referendum for spending namely a new Town Garage, a fire house project and a school roof project.

Mr. Vinkles may be worried about the political implications and impact with all the interest in this issue.  Mr. Vinkles voiced his concern about making moves or decisions based on politics at the May 17 Town Council meeting when according to the minutes he said, “the public works garage should be sent back out to referendum when the Council feels it is politically appropriate to do so” . Politics should not be a consideration on these or any other issues that involve the health and welfare of the community.  Putting a consideration of politics before the best interest of the people is inappropriate for any elected official.  The Town of Coventry would be better served if the people came before politics in matters before the Town Council.  Mr. Zenko pointed to past elections as an endorsement of Democratic leadership on this issue.

For now mark your calendars for June 21 when the next Town Council meeting is scheduled and check back here at the Opining Quill for issues involving Coventry.  Please see archives for past posting of information and commentary.  The Opining Quill covers issues in Coventry that newspapers often ignore.


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