Open space and recycling are two issues in Coventry that are widely supported by voters of all political persuasions. The rural nature and scenic beauty of our community is a treasure to be protected and preserved. The conservative conservationist, Mr. Williams has recognized the importance of both issues and done all he could to lead the rest of the Town Council forward in these areas.

It was Mr. Williams that called for and motioned for dollars in the budget to be set aside for open space. He was strongly supported by all members of the Town Council. His commitment to the preservation of the natural beauty of Coventry is today found in his effort to initiate the use of tipper barrels for both recycling and trash collection. The increased capacity provided by the tipper barrels will allow for additional recycling and the tippers for trash will eliminate the collateral trash and litter caused by broken bags.

Mr. Williams recognizes the results and growth of recycling within the community since the start of community recycling. The new barrels will allow for expanded capacity in every household to safeguard our environment. Before serving on the Town Council Mr. Williams was a member of the Coventry Board of Education where he watched as our children learned about the importance of recycling. Today the program is part of the fabric of our community and as Council woman Blanchard said, “I have full faith in the citizens of Coventry to continue and expand their recycling efforts.”

The plastic bag pay as you go program was a success at a time when an incentive for recycling was perhaps required as a motivation to get the effort moving in the right direction. Today we as a community recognize the importance of recycling and we have grown to eliminating the use of plastic bags in our daily shopping. The time for plastic bags and pay as you throw has past we have grown and matured as a community committed to conservation. Working together we are proud of our record.

The added capacity for recycling could increase the amount recycled. Will the amount of trash generated by a household also increase? Will you make more trash just to put it into a tipper barrel? The answer is obviously no, but the actual amount of trash to be collected could very well increase because compliance with the law to dispose of trash will be more convenient. Today the reality is, not all households are currently using the pay to throw plastic bag system but the use of tipper barrels will bring more households into compliance.

The argument that some will get more benefit and some will get less is merely a smokescreen of little validity. The same could be said for school funding, that argument lacks strength.

It is time for Coventry to go “green” to protect our open space from littered trash, to reduce the carbon footprint from plastic bags and idling collection trucks. It is time for a new more efficient and convenient system of tipper barrels. It is time to put politics and personal agendas aside.

This is an opportunity to join together all parties from across the political spectrum for a true non-partisan effort to bring Coventry forward to a new generation in environmental stewardship. The Coventry Resource Recovery Authority best described the two tipper barrel proposal as “feasible and user-friendly” and they continued to say it “will bring about the best results to the community in the long-term”. The Coventry Resource Recovery Authority did not take a “political” point of view their recommendation was based solely on what they felt would be best for the community as a whole over the long-term.

June 21 at 7:30 the Town Council will once again meet. Let us all hope that there will be a unanimous move to bring the next generation of environmental stewardship to Coventry in the form of universal tipper barrels for both recycling and trash.

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