Last night the Coventry Town Council voted to rescind the decision to provide a tipper barrel for recycling and still require a plastic bag for trash collection.  Then they adopted a new program that addressed many of the concerns citizens have raised over the issue.

In a nutshell here are the results of the meeting.

The tipper barrels are being provided by the trash hauler and the cost to the household per year will be as follows for collection services:

Each household will select the size tipper barrel they feel will best satisfy their needs and budget.  The trash will be collected once per week using the roll-out tipper barrels the cost will be determined by size of tipper selected.

Trash tipper barrels will be available in three sizes
35 gallon an annual fee of $170
65 gallon an annual fee of $200
95 gallon an annual fee of $250

The recycling tipper will be available in two sizes

65 gallon

95 gallon

Collection of recycling materials will be bi-weekly and the fee is included in the above fee to household based on the tipper barrel size.  There is no adjusted fee for using a smaller container for recycling it is available for size convenience only.

There is a tentative price for the addition of an additional trash tipper which would be $80.00 one time cost and an extra of $102 annually.

The current contract for dumping fees with the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority concludes in 2012 so there is expected to be an adjustment at that time which would have occurred no matter what the Council adopted at this time.

There may be some time delay (relatively short) in the introduction of the new program if however the delay is extended the annual fee may need to be pro-rated and the billed amount would be something less than the number quoted above. This adjustment would be possible due to the addition time payments are collected from the sale of plastic bags.

It is expected that the total tonnage for trash and recycling will increase under the program as more households use the convenience of tipper barrels.  The increase is expected to be higher in the trash collection than the recycling and therefore the recycling percentage may be reduced even though we may well have more recycling.

The vote last night brings to an end the most active confrontation between the Town Council and citizens in many years.  Many people have said they have never seen so many people attend and speak at Town Council meetings.

The original vote saw only Council members Richard Williams and Julie Blanchard in favor of tipper barrels for both trash and recycling.  This time however they were joined by Lisa Thomas who was absent during the last vote and both Liz Woolf, Bill Zenko who previously opposed the tipper barrels for trash.  Mr. Hall and Mr.Vinkles both maintained their position opposed to the tipper barrels for trash and voice adamant objections.


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