While the states along the Gulf of Mexico are awash with oil polluting their environment it brings to mind what would happen here in Connecticut if oil was polluting Coventry Lake or the waters of Long Island Sound?  According to one United States Senator oil skimmers are being held in reserve and not being used in the Gulf so that they will be available for assistance in case of emergency.

As of June 24 there were 31 oil skimmers off the Florida coast.  It seems the State of Florida took the initiative to hire five (5) additional skimmers on June 22 due to federal inaction.  United States Senator George LeMieux of Florida has compared the federal governmental response policy of withholding equipment to handle the spill to a fire department holding back equipment as your house burns down just in case there is another fire.  For more from Senator LeMieux see below.

It sounds like Connecticut waters are safe as long as the current administration is in Washington, unless of course the equipment would be withheld from Connecticut in case of another emergency in a swing voting state like Ohio.  The environmental crisis in the Gulf is a huge problem and unwieldy,  however, the federal response and planning required to handle the job pales in comparison to the complexity and scale for the delivery of health care for every American.

Should we cut Congress and the administration a bit of slack for their response to an unexpected oil spill and fully trust they will have all their ducks in a row when it comes to health care?  Let us all hope that the change coming in the health care delivery system is the hope and change expected by the voters during the last election and not a hapless change planned by bureaucrats like those protecting our environment from gushing oil.


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