You can’t put a value on memories, and a smile on the face of a child, is a priceless treasure.  As we near the 4th of July I recall personal youthful memories of family picnics, gatherings of friends and fireworks.  The Fourth of July is a special kind of national holiday shared by all Americans like no other.

Every year I recall a true story of a woman in her mid 50’s that entered a fireworks sales tent in Bolton. She walked directly to the large display of sparklers and picked up a box.  The salesman reminded her they were two for one and she smiled and grabbed a second box.  For a moment she stood silently and looked around the tent.  Then she began to select several fountains as the salesman offered assistance explaining what each one would be expected to do.

With a smile of accomplishment the woman made her way to the register area,  placed her selections on the counter smiled and said, “My husband is going to be so upset, I was only suppose to buy a pack of sparklers”.  Then in a quiet voice she began to tell a story;

“When I was a little girl I lived in Manchester and you couldn’t buy fireworks in town.  But every year just before the forth of July my grandpa would come over and ask me if I wanted to go for a ride.  I knew I would get to sit in the front seat and we would be going for a ride to Bolton to get some fireworks.  We would drive to the top of Bolton hill where there was a little white stand, and I would help my grandpa pick out our special treat.  We would come home and later in the evening, the whole family would gather and I would help my grandpa set off our fireworks.  It was my special time with my grandpa.”  Then with a tear in her eye she looked skyward put her hand on the fireworks and said, “Grandpa these are for you”.

You can’t put a price on memories like that.  Fireworks are the one product that is often shopped for as a family, purchased with the intent of gathering family, friends and neighbors together.  Memories of your family bonding together to enjoy the excitement of a dazzling display of color and crackles are worth far more than the price of the purchase.  No other product from youth is talked about more and memories recalled, than the annual fireworks from Forth of July celebrations.

The weather this weekend looks like it will be ideal for gathering family and friends to gather together for a celebration as fireworks will be heard in every neighborhood and memories are made for another generation.  Enjoy the weekend use your fireworks safely and sanely.

For a $10.00 coupon good for TNT fireworks (America’s Number One Fireworks Company) go to this website:!/pages/FIREWORKS-TNT-CT-HEADQUARTERS/134330509911258?ref=ts

All you do is register, they email you the coupon within 90 seconds, and then you print the page and bring it with you.  The coupon can be use nearby in Bolton where they have one of the largest selections of fireworks in Connecticut.  If you go to Bolton tell them you read about it on the Opining Quill and they will give you special prism glasses to watch fireworks.


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