It was a great day for local government when Town Manager John Elsesser announced he has found a candidate to fill the shoes of Connie Anderson.  Coventry taxpayers were clearly rewarded last night with excellence when Laura Stone was approved to replace Connie Anderson.  Connie had served the Town of Coventry for many years in the Town Manager’s Office; she was the face and voice of the Town to many people.

That position is not an easy one to fill, the candidate must posses the ability to be an administrative assistant but also be able to communicate and relate to a wide audience with a professional level of performance.  Government positions such as this also require that the person be able to respect and work equally well with a wide range of political opinion.  It is not easy to gain the respect of both political parties and to have their trust when you are handling confidential information within government.

Coventry has been blessed to find a person that both political parties seem pleased with and a person that has a proven track record of excellence in job performance. Laura Stone was approved last night by the Town Council to be the new voice and face for the Town of Coventry in the Town Manager’s office.  Laura has been the recording secretary for the Town Council for many years and has done an outstanding job.  She was selected from a field of over 130 applicants.  This was however not an inside job selection.  Laura has a unique background of experience in communications and a proven track record of exceptional performance.

Her professionalism on the job reflects a dedication to excellence.  Laura has shown that details and correctness are not only important but a first priority.  Her minutes accurately reflect not only the words spoken but details are rarely missed and a reader is able to fully understand what has taken place at all meetings.  There has never been an issue of bias or omission in her minutes and her dedication to accuracy will be much appreciated in her new position.

Laura Stone is capable of providing a rock of support for the Town Manager in all that he must accomplish.  The Opining Quill salutes John Elsesser on his selection and wishes Laura Stone many years of success in her new position.


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  1. Laura Stone

    Wow. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I will do my best to live up to it!

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