Local positions available, our average full-time employee makes $64,000+ annually and receives a full liberal benefit package.  Our employees have at least 15 weeks of vacation time every year.  For the most part our dress code is causal however you must be able to work without direct constant supervision.

Work time will usually be between 7:00am and 3:00pm and may or may not be constant. Some positions enjoy multiple 35-40 minute breaks during the work day depending on workload.  In some cases we will provide you with additional help to assist you in your duties.

There is additional work available to some employees and you can receive some additional compensation.  The additional work would be at your option and is not in anyway required.  Our average employee shows up for work less than 95% of the time but our clients are here on a more regular basis.  You do have paid sick days available over and above your other time off and your workload will be performed by a temporary worker so work will not pile up while you are out.

We consider holiday time to be time off so you will not work holidays or weekends.  Currently our staff is looking for a wage increase so you may expect that the above average salary will be increasing in the near future.

If you think this opportunity looks too good to be true in this economy think again. You are the employer and you are paying the bill with your tax dollars.  Yes it is time for the teachers of Coventry to negotiate a new contract so while the above is informational the salary level may be once again increased.

How much is enough?  Do high wages mean a better education?  Why have we cut textbooks and not salaries?  There are far fewer students now than five (5) years ago so what has the impact been?  Have you ever noticed the number of Coventry elected officials with ties to the educational unions?   Get your checkbooks ready because we all know it’s not for the teachers the spending increase will all be  “for the children”.


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