Governor M. Jodi Rell has drawn a line in the sand telling legislative Democrats enough is enough when they voted to double the tax free grant money given to candidates running for Governor in Connecticut.  She refused to sign the bill.  Is increasing spending on political campaigns your number one priority for Connecticut?

While the courts have found some problems with the existing program for public financing of campaigns increasing the amount does not solve any of those issues.  The Governor hit the nail on the head when she said, “They have taken a program that was intended to remove the taint of special interests and corruption from political campaigns and turned it into a welfare program for politicians.”

The Governor asked the question, “What is the Legislature thinking?”   Well Governor, let me tell you from the perspective of the Opining Quill something about thinking.  Too many of those legislators have been at their desks for too long, surrounded by like minded people with a limited real world understanding of the issues facing the common citizen.  They have come to expect privilege of a ruling class where the real world does not apply to them or the special interests they support.  You wonder what they are thinking and I wonder what the voters are thinking when they cast their ballot.

Only in government and education does an employee expect a cost of living raise, a real raise and more benefits next year than this year.  Those same legislators have fostered and delivered on that expectation.  Only in government and education is a job so secure that the idea of a layoff off or firing the subject of illusion.  Where once it was understood that a government or education position may pay a little less but provide virtually guaranteed employment today it has expanded to be an above average paying job with perks not available in the real world of the free market.

“What is the Legislature thinking”, is not the question for it is clear they are thinking continually about how to maintain office and provide for their special interest that has supported them.  Legislators will continue to think like that until the voters rise up in a voice of unison, with ballots in hand marching toward the ballot box.

If you vote and you support an incumbent you are supporting their voting record.  That is the real world, but it is not a perfect world.  In the real world today you may even be forced to support a candidate you normally would disagree with because the challenger may not be worthy of your vote.  Be careful what you wish for, change does not always mean better.  Many voters have learned that lesson since the last election.

One weakness of our current political system is apathy far too few people are involved in finding or be willing to serve as candidates.  Far too often we have candidates by default chosen to run because there is no other alternative candidate.  It is sometimes necessary to pick from the lesser of two evils rather than picking from two desirable candidates and that is a sad truth in the real world.

When you are not involved in government or politics you abdicate your responsibility to others to make decisions for you and your family.  If you are not involved in the government that will rule over your family the question must be asked, what are you thinking?


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