Well if there is a theme to the primary season it seems to be attack the entrepreneurs.  Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Tom Foley have both faced attack advertising from their political opponents in a quest to become the standard bearer in a race for their respective party’s nomination to run for Governor.  Both men have proven they can run a large company and each has a personal success story.

The goals of business and industry are not the same as government and they should not be Mr. Lamont and Mr. Foley know the difference.  I am not so sure their opponents understand the difference.

What Lamont and Foley have done in industry is a reflection of their leadership, abilities and judgment.  They were not in business to provide jobs, to save towns, or save and industry that was not the purpose of their endeavors.  The attack advertising from their opponents is more a reflection on their opponents misunderstanding of the role business and industry plays in our economy and how it works.

Their opponents Mr. Malloy and Mr. Fedele are both running advertising that would easily allow a viewer to draw the conclusion that in their mind providing a job is meaningful even if it is not a productive or meaningful job.  Both Mr. Malloy and Mr. Fedele need to recognize that government does not exist to provide jobs, economic growth and employment are the role of the free market.  Connecticut government provides many jobs but we have expanded government to a point that sustaining that growth and level is an excessive burden on our taxpaying citizens.

We hear all about special interests from the candidates but the largest and most costly special interest in State and local government today is employees, particularly the educational special interest group.  While it is easy to target Mr. Lamont and Mr. Foley for actual performance in the real world of business it would be better to hear from Mr. Malloy and Mr. Fedele about their real plans to control expansion of government.  I challenge them to show the voters how they will bring down the burden of education on the local level, and eliminate unfunded mandates passed on to voters through local regulation.

Would it be too much to ask of Mr. Malloy to explain why the added cost of prevailing wage is a benefit to local taxpayers when constructing a local firehouse or senior center?  Would Mr. Fedele care to tell the voters which departments could be eliminated from State government or which unfunded mandates he would eliminate?

Attacking honorable men for honorable work is not a sign of great character or understanding and it tells us little about the sponsor of the advertising.  Tell us Mr. Malloy and Mr. Fedele what is your real world experience that qualifies you to be governor and stop using public money to attack your opponent?

I would rather have a successful man of performance in the office of Governor than a career politician with little real world experience.  A person that has been a contributing factor for leading us into this economic mess by supporting special interests or has been a self serving public servant need not sit in the office of Governor.

I’m the Opining Quill and I approved this posting.


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