The post for August 8th talked about the cost of promises and the question was asked, “Are you willing to pay more taxes for the promises of pandering politicians?” Today we look at who is paying for the most recent promise delivery. Would you believe the poor will pay for the rich?

When you live in town and receive food stamps comparing yourself with a teacher in Coventry making on the average over $62,000 you consider them rich. When 55% of American families have at least one member that has lost a job or had their income reduced you think times are tough. So where should our priorities be when it comes to our federal budget?

We have had declining enrollment in our schools and over 80 local students have voluntarily left Coventry to attend Windham Tech. and many others have chosen other out of district schools for their high school experience. So it should not surprise anyone that we have fewer teachers. There are times when layoffs are a reflection of good judgment and a wiser use of resources. The roll of education is to teach not to maintain employment.

This past week the President signed a $26 billion emergency jobs bill with $10 billion being directed toward teachers. Does it surprise anyone that it comes just before an election and that the money is to support unions that have supported the Congressional majority? How much money and labor will now be donated by those union members to support those candidates that just paid off a promise? But wait where did the money for this emergency money come from just who will be paying this bill?

A large chunk of this cost will be paid for by reducing food stamp benefits for the poor. So let me understand this clearly a disabled veteran living on basic needs and receiving food stamps will have their food budget reduced so that teachers will not have to accept wage reductions or layoffs?

The greed of these unions accepting this money brings to mind the quote of Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake”. The public employee unions have become out of touch with reality and their demands are no longer in the best interest of this nation. When we as a nation turn our backs on those most in need and divert resources of basic life support for our needy to support union jobs for political advantage we are headed in the wrong direction.

When and if any of this money comes to Coventry we as a community should be looking at our priorities and making a statement about our priorities. Are we as a community going to take money from our most needy to support our wants?

Our teachers in Coventry are now in negotiations for a new contract, do you have any idea what they want? What are the priorities? Should the Board of Education disclose what the demands of our teachers are? How realistic are requests for raises or more benefits? Will we as a community have to cut support to our most needy to pay for more increases? Where do you stand and what are your priorities?





  1. Thank you for your piece in the Opining Quill. Many more people need to wake up to the facts that, the needy people of America should not have to have food stamps or anything else reduced to quiet people that are a little more greedy. They are making much more than someone on Disability. Many of the people on Disability receive very little from our Government that we once paid taxes into. Some of us receive a mere $700 per month. We are supposed to pay bills, buy necessities that are not covered with food stamps, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo. I know some that abuse the system, it doesn’t do any good to report them because nothing ever gets investigated. So, I cannot understand how our President is going to take $10 million to quiet the teachers, from our food stamp program. If he is that concerned about someone only receiving $50,000, tell him to take it out of his pocket not ours.

  2. Your writing today might wake up a few people. Thank you.
    I am on disability and receive only $733 per month, plus food stamps. Our food stamps keep going down. If our President is so concerned about quieting the teachers so they will not have to be laid off tell him to take it out of his pockets, not mine.
    Food stamps does NOT allow us to buy necessities such as toilet paper, shampoo, soap this is to name a few items.
    If he want to to something for the needy that are on food stamps, tell him to stop letting people buy junk food, and let us get the necessities that are needed.
    Thank you for listening.

  3. joe

    There’s no need to include disabled vets when talking about unions. That’s apples and oranges.
    The unions are making sure the middle class is getting their due. Good for them, they fight for the worker, they get teachers what they’re worth. Do you want to talk about what teachers do for a living? How many hours they put in a week above and beyond what they should? Stop disparaging the unions, they’re needed now, more than ever.

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