Have you been listening to the politicians running for Congress in Connecticut?  There seems to be a common thread particularly from the incumbents.  In essences the message is vote for me I fight for you in Washington.  Who are they fighting?

The incumbents are all Democrats and they currently hold a majority in both the House of Representative and the U. S. Senate.  As members of the majority in Congress they can pass virtually any bill proposed and block any opposition.  So who are they fighting?

When their Party controls both Congress and the White House they control two of the three branches of government and the third is our independent judiciary.  They have all the cards in the deck available and yet they tell us they are fighting for us?

They have had two years with almost unlimited opportunity to get things done and finish their “fight”.  So far the only opposition found in the polls has been the majority of the American people opposed to redistribution of wealth and government controlled healthcare.   The only opposition has been the public opinion of the American people.  The polls tell us the approval numbers for Congressional and Presidential leadership are low and yet they want to continue the “fight”.

Who are they fighting?  Who is the enemy?  Our southern border states are alarmed with what has been characterized as an invasion of illegal aliens?  Is this their enemy or is this a problem to be ignored by Washington in a quest for the votes by supporters of illegal activity?

Are they fighting the special interests like union labor, the trail lawyers or the bureaucracy of government?  Who is going to fight the battle for the taxpayers against the oversized, bloated bureaucracy of big government?

Instead of hearing about how they are going to fight for us wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear how they are going to cut the size of government, and thereby reduce our debt and future taxes?  Would you like to hear about a fight to create real jobs and expand our economy?  Instead they are trying to force politically correct jobs created by government subsidy.   Would a fight to create positive business policies that encourage private investment and real jobs be a more productive fight?

The real fight is not in Washington.  The real fight is within each and every one of us, are you willing to sit silently and accept what government does or do you want to be part of the process?  Are you planning on casting a ballot this November?  Do you really understand the issues or do you depend on prepared press releases of the candidates to give you all your information?  The direction of America is up to you the “fight” will be the November election.  Are you ready for the fight?  Are we headed in the right direction or is it time for a change?  The decision is yours, will you be ready, will you vote?


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