Tim Ackert the Republican Party endorsed candidate for the 8th district seat in the General Assembly has come out against the position of the Coventry Republican Town Committee over the referendum to be held on August 31.  Mr. Ackert spoke at the recent public hearing on the new public works garage and rejected the published position of his party.

According to the minutes of the public hearing held on August 12th Mr. Ackert encouraged voters to vote for and thereby approve the new facility.  In fact he apparently went beyond that call for approval and asked the committee to expand the project.  The minutes reflect him “wanting the committee to think about adding storage for school buses”.

At a time when the Republican Town Committee is asking about scaling back the project on their website it seems odd that their local candidate is asking to expand the project.  In these difficult economic times when even tax and spend Democrats are talking about holding the line on spending Mr. Ackert wants to expand the project.

Coventry voters rejected the proposal earlier this year and residents talked about reducing the size and cost of the project.  Now along comes Mr. Ackert and on the eve of a new vote on the same proposal he calls for expanding the project.  Does it make you wonder what he will do given the opportunity to vote in the General Assembly on a larger State spending project?  Perhaps the label of tax and spend will be extended to Mr. Ackert if he is elected to represent Coventry at the State Capitol.

The Republican Town Committee is endorsing a positive vote for the school roof project but has not endorsed the Public Works Garage.  In fact the Republican Town Committee website says, “We cannot support the DPW project without serious answers to serious questions.  The town voted this exact project down and yet it is being offered to us again with no changes and an obvious deaf ear to the people’s voice.”

The original proposal included ideas such as thermo-heating and large high ceiling garage space. After the first vote citizens voiced concern about the overall size and cost of the project hoping for a more affordable edition after changes were considered.  They had hope but there has been no change.

Perhaps the Public Works Garage is like the tipper barrel issue, until faced by overwhelming vocal opposition the majority on the Town Council will not listen and act to calls for change.  If the Republican Town Committee thinks there is a deaf ear when it comes to change one has to wonder what they think of Mr. Ackert’s listening skills in calling for an expansion of the project.

For more details concerning the Republican Town Committee position on the referendum issues here is a link to their website;

The Democratic Town Committee had no available position concerning the referendum issues on their website.


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  1. Tim Ackert

    Comments below in italics have been inserted by the Opining Quill all other remarks in bold are as submitted by the writer

    There are two referendums on August 31st, the first on the school roof projects which the Republican Town Committee and I urge the voters to pass. The roof leaks have displaced students from their classes and water damage has already cost the taxpayers. This question should have been acted on earlier this year and if passed the roofs completed this summer. (The town lost over $70,000 in State grant money after ignoring the recommendation of their architect and waiting until after June of this year to approve the project) Waiting until now has put this school year in jeopardy and may possibly displace students from their classrooms again.
    The second and not so urgent question is on the replacement of the Public Works Building. This project is long overdue but is hitting taxpayers at a tough time. Many are struggling with loss income and ever increasing taxes and a yes vote may not be in their best interest. (If a yes vote may not be in their best interest why do the minutes state, “Tim Ackert encourages voting for the facility” are the minutes in error, or did Mr. Ackert advocate a yes vote that would make life more difficult for struggling taxpayers) The Coventry Republicans position is a sound and fiscally responsible one that keeps these taxpayers in mind. (If that is true then Mr. Ackert’s position encouraging a yes vote would be fiscally irresponsible, sorry you can’t have it both ways.) My comments at the referendum meeting came with support of a future town garage but with dissatisfaction that there would not be room to store the school buses on this site. The storage of our school buses cost the taxpayers approximately $25,000 dollars a year. Moving these buses to the center of town on town property would save fuel and this yearly fee. (This is not new thinking it was first brought to the Town Council 5-6 years ago and was part of the planning when negotiating the purchase of a portion of the land. In fact area residents took a very vocal position against just such a plan during a public hearing to buy the land and bus parking was not ruled out in long term planning)
    I urge all voters to come to this referendum informed and vote in the best interest of our town and more importantly for them. (One can only conclude by this statement, in the view of Mr. Ackert, that self interest may be more important in voting than the best interest of our town. If Mr. Ackert wants to clarify his position on the Public Works Garage vote he need only say I am still advocating a yes vote or I have changed my position and urge rejection of the proposal.)

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