Mr. Blumenthal Stumbles Again But Returns Money

Oh please say it is not so, the Connecticut Democratic candidate for the United States Senate Richard Blumenthal is returning inappropriate campaign contributions.  During the past week his campaign has returned checks received earlier this year from lawyers who have contracts with the Attorney General’s office.

Mr. Blumenthal has brushed off concerns about past indiscretions saying, “the people of Connecticut know me.”  That could be his greatest hurdle in his race to the Senate.

Mr. Blumenthal is correct the people of Connecticut have heard him say, “the people of Connecticut know me. They know that no donation from anyone will change the fact that I have fought for them and I will continue to fight for them.”

In various forms the people of Connecticut have heard Mr. Blumenthal say he will stand up to special interest groups and fight for them.  Unfortunately Mr. Blumenthal has failed to do that when it comes to the largest special interest in the State of Connecticut.  He has failed to protect the interest of taxpayers and the working men and women in Connecticut.  He did not fight against mandates for prevailing wage on municipal construction that continue to drive up the cost to taxpayers.  But wait there’s more.

Let’s hear Mr. Blumenthal speak on the issue of card check.  Either you oppose that or like Mr. Blumenthal you endorse the right to deny a worker a secret ballot in voting to join or reject a union.  Of course by Mr. Blumenthal’s ethics and standards I guess unions are not a special interest.  He must consider them a personal interest to be protected and supported at every turn in exchange for political support.

Yes, Mr. Blumenthal the people of Connecticut do know you, they know you as a self promoting, politician, more interested in self preservation of political office than standing up to special interests.  You misspoke on serving in Vietnam, you misspoke on standing up to special interests and now you are returning inappropriate campaign contributions.  Well that does sound like a career politician but I am not sure that is what the people of Connecticut want in their next United States Senator.


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