Teaching and Remembering Lessons of the Day

Where were you on Sunday morning December 7, 1941 or Tuesday September 11, 2001?  Two days that will remain etched in the minds of those old enough to remember.  For the young it is up to later generations to teach them the lessons learned by those tragic events.

Lessons learned often come with a high price and America has paid that price with the blood of sons and daughters, of innocent civilians and from every ethnic background.  In war all blood is red, all life is at risk and death is the equalizer.  We as people have a proud history of stepping forward and crossing the line of safety to assist our fellow man.

Our military overseas and our first responders here at home stand ready to serve our nation they need to know they are not alone.  They need to know they have the support of nation in their daily lives.

While you may remember either or both of those tragic days in history when was the last time you discussed them with your children?  When did you pass on the feelings and emotions of those days?  Have you told the next generation the impact on our nation and how life changed because of those events?  Will they learn the lessons of the past from you or will they learn them from a future tragic event?

War has a cost, the dollars can be replaced the lives are lost forever.  Look at your sons and daughters today and think of the mothers and fathers that lost their loved ones on those tragic mornings in American history.  Talk to your children, teach them, and give them an understanding about the reality of war and the value of strength in a nation.  Teach them the importance of basic values, moral leadership, and service to our country.

As the sun sets on this day let not the light of freedom, and hope dim with it.  Gather your family and talk about all that is wonderful with out nation and way of life.  Tell them they are important and ask them to remember those that have sacrificed for our nation.  Ask them to especially remember the innocent civilians on those tragic mornings; sacrifice was not in their plan for the day.  They lost their lives simple because they were Americans and like you they were sons and daughter, mothers and fathers, please keep them and their families in your thoughts today and everyday


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