State Treasurer Failing Connecticut

The Office of the Connecticut State Treasurer does not determine expenditures or revenues and does not authorize borrowing to cover State operating expenses.  Those are functions of the other branches of government so what does the State Treasurer really do and why is your vote important?

The primary role of the treasurer is to oversee State funds and act as a member and an advisor on State Boards and Commissions with oversight responsibilities in housing, education, lottery, development and healthcare in addition to the State Bond Commission.  While the current State Treasurer has complied with State law and done an adequate job the office needs more than “adequate” as a measured level of performance.

The Hartford Courant has reported that, “Connecticut is one of seven states whose pension funds will run out of money by 2020, according to the study. By 2025, funds in 20 states will be under water. By 2030, 31 state pension funds will be broke.”  While Denise Nappier says, “I have consistently reminded the governor and legislature in testimonies, news releases and letters that the state must rein in the amount of debt it issues and get a better handle on its long-term unfunded pension liability” she has been ineffective and her advise ignored even by her own party.

The re-election of Denise Nappier will only assure more of the same in Hartford, a whisper of caution spoken for political cover while the real powers of the purse continue to spend and accumulate debt at an alarming rate.  Ms. Nappier has failed as an advocate for fiscal responsibility as a protector of the purse for the people she has lost the fight.

The citizens of Connecticut deserve better, we need an advocate that will not give in to special interests and quietly go back to the office and allow business as usual.  The people of Connecticut have a clear alternative in this election, continue along the path of least resistance with Denise Nappier or boldly step forward in a new direction to protect our tax dollars and the future of our State with a new State Treasurer in Jeff Wright.

Jeff Wright understands government having been the Mayor of Newington, he is a professional financial planner with a degree in economics.  Jeff knows what it means to fight for what you believe and as a former Marine he will not back down as your advocate against reckless spending.

Jeff says he will, “Manage the state’s money, your money, professionally to obtain the highest possible return, with the lowest possible risk, without a political agenda.  Management will be based on what’s best for Connecticut, not on what is politically correct.  A solid foundation will give businesses the confidence to invest and grow in jobs in Connecticut.”

The experience and background of Jeff Wright will provide financial protection for State pensions, a solid and safe return for educational funds and a brighter future for Connecticut.  The Opining Quill endorses Jeff Wright to be our next Connecticut State Treasurer.


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