After a rally in New Haven on October 6th Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal said he supports union labor’s request for Congress to pass “card-check neutrality”.  If passed it would enable union organizers to get new union locals certified by gathering a set number of signatures and eliminate the secret ballot.

The history of labor unions is wrought with stories of strong arm tactics and intimidation.  If Mr. Blumenthal is successful in his bid to become the next Senator from Connecticut who will fight for the workers right to the secret ballot.  Mr. Blumenthal is willing to sell out a worker’s right to one of the fundamental tenets of democracy, the secret ballot.

Mr. Blumenthal likes to say he is fighting for you against special interest but in this case if you are not a union member he is fighting against you and your right to a secret ballot.  It is obvious Mr. Blumenthal has a special interest in mind on this issue.

In fact it is so obvious even the newly elected union president of the Federation of University Workers, representing Yale office workers Laurie Kennington said, “This is not just a politician.  He is one of us”.  Yes, Dick Blumenthal has even taken a side in a labor dispute by walking a picket line with Kennington’s workers.  Can we trust Dick Blumenthal to fairly represent all of us or will he revert to siding with his special interest supporters to maintain a political base of support?

Connecticut needs a Senator that is not controlled or beholding to any special interest group and that includes union labor.  When any politician does not see their job as representing all of the people equally we as a society have an obligation to oppose their quest for office.  Attacking business is a key campaign strategy of Richard Blumenthal and that is problematic.

Government produces nothing and depends on a strong economy with strong companies to provide jobs and economic opportunities.  Attacking businesses and industries is pure politics as negative and destructive as any other activity that emphasizes and fosters disrespect among cultures or people.

The current culture of attacking political opponents in a negative fashion for their business experience is wrong, just as it would be wrong to attack a person of experience limited to public service in government.  The candidates did not reach the levels they have and become candidates for high office by being incompetent, nasty and negative.

Mr. Blumenthal has served in office for a long time and should be able to identify a special interest group and he should have the ability to admit his allegiance to union labor.  It will be up to the voters to decide if they are willing to elect a person beholden to a special interest group such as Mr. Blumenthal or turn to a new face such as Linda McMahon who has funded her own campaign and holds no card of debt to any group.


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