Joe Courtney, Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District Representative in Congress has failed to cut the mustard as a voice of the people in the district he represents.  Joe works hard and has had some success but unfortunately some of his direction has been misguided.

When it came to healthcare reform Joe took an active role but caved to special interests when unions objected.  Instead Joe passed the cost on to others as a tax on unearned income, which in general is money that has already been taxed as income and the remainder was invested.  Joe reached in and took more money away from the 2nd District voters.

Joe Courtney says, he supports pay-as-you-go budgeting in Congress, but his terms have seen the federal deficit grow at an alarming rate. Joe has been ineffective or silent in opposition to the out of control spending habits of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

Mr. Courtney attempted to mislead his constituents when he said that he inserted language into the health care reform bill to require all federal employees and Congress to abide by the rules.  He knew that was deception.  What he didn’t know was what he voted for because like so many others he had not actually read the entire bill.

Sorry Joe it’s time to go, it’s time to return to Connecticut live by the same rules you voted in for the rest of us and pay your taxes.  Yes you had your chance to change the direction of Washington but the direction of increased tax and spend was not the path voters of the 2nd District would have taken.

He worked hard to stay in touch with special interests but he lost touch with the voters of the 2nd District.  The “average Joe” we knew has become a member of the Washington elite, out of touch with the folks back home.

It’s time for a new Representative for the voters of the 2nd District. It’s time to end the trip down the path of tax and spend and move to the path of pay-as-you-go.  That’s how the voters of the 2nd District have to run their own households and that’s the way our Representative in Washington should spend our hard earned tax dollars.  So the endorsement this year goes to Republican Janet Peckinpaugh for the 2nd District Congressional seat.  If she fails, in two years it will be time for her to go.

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