Opining Quill’s Fireside Chat with Barack Obama on Election Night

The Opining Quill visited with the president late last night and had a private fireside chat, one to one with no Teleprompters, just a note pad and permission for one photo.  It was truly an amazing evening, we discussed the election returns and the President spoke candidly.

Initially there were several interruptions as election results were announced and at one point Michelle stopped by with some milk and cookies.  This seemed to brighten the President’s spirits but he did look for some comfort as I heard him whisper, “I wish I had my Teddy tonight”.

He turned to me and said, “Ya know Ted Kennedy could have swung this whole election thing.  A Teddy speech could raise the dead to get out the vote, he never stopped reminding me of the 1960 election and what they did in Chicago.  I sure miss him he knew how to win.”

The President was more than a bit sullen and I wanted to provide him with an opportunity to shine with rhetoric so I asked, “Where do we as a nation go from here, what do you see as our future?”  It was as if his adrenalin kicked in as the President smiled and said, “Americans have a new dream tonight, they still have hope and they still want change and I intend to make their dreams come true.”

Then his voice softened and his eyes looked hollow as he gazed toward the ceiling.  “Remember when Harry Reid called me, light skinned and said I spoke with no Negro dialect, well I knew then he was trouble.  When it comes to foot in mouth he is second only to Joe Biden”.  The President paused looked out the window toward the Jefferson Memorial and said, “when you work with turkeys like Pelosi and Reid it makes it only more difficult to soar like an eagle.”   He smiled and tried his best to find some humor in the defeat, “every time I looked at those turkeys in the last month all I could think about is Thanksgiving is coming.”

The President was on a roll and I was not about to interrupt, “Tonight the American people have spoken, tonight America will head in a new direction, tonight marks the end and yet a new beginning.  Yesterday I was Barack Obama the President of hope and change but by tomorrow, all things will have changed so I have completed that mission.

“I have delivered on my promise, I am not only President I am now a hero.  I am at the top of my game, king of the hill.  Speaking of Hill, that Hillary Clinton better not step out of line or she’ll be a has-been like Reid and Pelosi.  She is, one tricky babe leaving the country so she’s not out campaigning with a bunch of losers.” The President was in a zone, it was nearing dawn and perhaps you could call it the twilight zone.

The time had come to call it a night, but it was a night to remember.  The President stood up and wandered over to his desk, and said, “Let me pose here for a picture”.  Then in an instant it all became crystal clear, there would be no more Obama logos.  There in an instant was the once in a lifetime photo, that one shot, that defines an instant in time when significant change occurs.  My photo would define “The New American Dream”.

Was it all a dream was it a visit to the Twilight Zone?   The actual source of the photo is unknown perhaps it exists only in the Twilight Zone.


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  1. Anonymous

    I like the article, great job. Keep up all the good work you have been providing the people with. It is nice to know someone is out there fighting for our country to be put back the way it used to be.

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