Leadership An Issue In Washington and An Issue In Coventry

The election is over and the voice of the people has been heard as large voter turnouts gave a resounding vote for a change of leadership in Washington.  The results have been viewed by many as a commentary on the policies of the Obama administration.  So what will the President do now?

The President has announced he will leave the country, which is exactly what a lot of voters would like to hear.  He elaborated the announcement saying he would only be gone for ten (10) days on a trip starting in India, followed by Indonesia, South Korea (for the G20 Summit in Seoul) and Japan (for the APEC Summit in Yokohama).

The trip comes at a convenient time after the election providing President Obama with a stage to appear presidential and attempt to revive his popularity.  Presidents have long depended on foreign trips to accent their office and build their image.  This opportunity for Obama is especially important after the repudiation of his administration and policies by the voters.

Mr. Obama has enjoyed the first two years of his term with a super majority in both the U. S. House of Representatives and the Senate.  The Democratic Party had enough votes to pass anything they wanted over any objection by the Republicans.

Now the President will have an opportunity to back up his rhetoric about working together in Washington, about ending the divisiveness and partisanship in Washington.  Is he ready to hit the ground running contacting newly elected members of the House and Senate?  Is he mending fences after a season of personal attack political advertising?  No, the only running Mr. Obama is doing is to head out of town as far away from Washington as he can get, he’s going to Asia.

The trip may offer the President some time away from Washington, some time when he can reflect on his last campaign slogan of hope and change.  What he sold to American people was once called bait and switch.  He sold them hope but he delivered despair and disappointment he is not the man they voted for or expected he has failed to deliver.

For many, the election of this week with so many new leaders headed to Washington brings a new found hope for the future.  Hope, for their families now, and hope for their children for generations to come.

America needs to see a change in leadership, not from the Republican Party or the Democratic Party but from within each of those newly elected leaders.  The change must be to reject the elitism common to a privileged politician and remain a voice of the people that voted them into office.  They must reject the temptation of money and special interests and answer only to the voters.  They must honor those that voted for them as well as those that opposed them.

The American people must also change we the voters must stay ever vigilant and informed.  We can build a better America, we can have a better future for the next generation but we can no longer sit back and let others carry the burden.  We must all contribute in some way to our community if we care about the future.  We owe it to ourselves and our children to become informed and knowledgeable about our leaders on a local, state and national level.

Do you know what is going on in your town?  Do you know what your leaders are doing or do you depend on a political flyer at election time to educate you?  Do you vote for a person based on political party or just because they seem like nice people?

In the days to come the Opining Quill will be looking at some local issues that may surprise you.  Are all your elected officials doing what you think they should be doing?  Do you know what is going on or do you just trust local leaders to do what is right?  This week your opinion may change when you read what the Opining Quill has to say over the next few days.


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