Now is the Time and Light is the Issue

Tonight we turn back the hands of time one hour.  Yes we get to live that hour over again.  Wow what a concept going back in time for a “do over” if you could do that would you walk the same path of life?

Turning back the clocks is a reminder of our agriculture roots and life on the family farm when chores began as the sun came up.  Times have changed and today it is more about children waiting for a school bus in the dark and a reminder to change the batteries in our smoke detectors.

One thing for sure there are fewer hours of sunlight in the winter but that should not keep our town leaders or citizens in the dark about what is happening.  The Opining Quill will be posting regularly with information to help shed some light on what is happening in our community and sometimes commenting on what our leaders are doing.

Help spread the word and tell your friends don’t forget to change their clocks tonight.  Please tell your friends if they want more light on items of interest in Coventry, our state or nation they should become a friend of the Opining Quill on Facebook.


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