Coventry Board of Education: Expectations and Questions

What is the purpose of the Board of Education?  This seems like an easy question but each of us has our own level of expectations and definition.   What we believe we are voting for when we elect a person to the Board of Education may be far different than what others believe or what those elected believe their role should be.

It is time to take a look at some of the basic questions and give some thought to your expectations and perhaps see if your Board of Education is meeting your expectations.

Do you want a person to just attend meetings, so that they will be informed of what is going on?  Is that the extent of what you should expect?

Who should set the priorities for our schools and who should have the authority to override those priorities?

Who should decide where and how our tax dollars for education are spent?  Do we expect members of the Board to oversee where our money is being spent?  When spending is out of line who should make the adjustments to priorities?

Should the Board of Education act like a corporate Board of Directors providing or initiating oversight and guidance or should the Board be a listening Board just staying informed on what has happened within the system?

Should parents expect that the Board of Education reviews curriculum prior to it being put in place?  Should the Board of Education review and approve books prior to use in a classroom?

Who should be responsible and approve what is being taught in our schools?  Do you think the Board of Education should be aware of curriculum content?

Should the Board of Education know when a teacher is failing to meet expectations in classroom instruction?  Should they have the authority to take action to assure students are not receiving proper instruction?

Have you ever watched the Board of Education in action, do you know what is going on in your schools?  Have you ever considered taking a more active role, speaking out, becoming a volunteer, or running for office?

Coventry spends nearly 2/3 of the total tax dollars collected on education.  Staying informed is important, having leadership doing the job is vital.  Leadership failures can lead to missed opportunities in education and that is not an acceptable level of expectation.  The Board of Education should reach your level of expectation, the question is do they?

The Board of Education normally meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Annex and meetings are televised live on Charter Cable channel 13.  The meeting for this week will be on Wednesday due to the Veteran’s Day holiday.  Tune in tonight and watch your Board of Education they will be discussing the new report card program that will debut on Friday.


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