Roll Out Your Barrels For A Better Coventry

The day has come; Coventry has delivered the barrels for both trash and recycling.  There can be no denying how it happened.  One man stood tall against the majority on the Town Council.  Mr. Richard Williams an independent thinking leader, willing to take on the majority and go the extra mile to do what the people want.

Mr. Williams spent his own money kicking off the drive to alert the public with signs and flyers.  Then a ground swell of public support got behind Mr. Williams and people across Coventry activated in favor of tipper barrels.

From the signs “Dump the Green Bag” to Facebook contacts the citizens stood up and demanded a new system, one that would increase capacity for both trash and recycling.  The citizen pressure increased until the majority on the Town Council finally reversed their thinking and supported Mr. Williams.

This month is the first time Coventry citizens will have the convenience and extra capacity for recycling and trash.  No more bending over to pick up a heavy bin, no more litter from blowing recycling materials and no more animals ripping open trash bags!

Thank you Mr. Williams, you have made Coventry a cleaner community with the greater capacity to recycle.  Now folks across town can just “Roll Out The Barrel”!!!!

In honor of Mr. Williams we present Ragtime Pam with her rendition of “Roll Out The Barrel”

Thank you Mr. Richard Williams you are an assets to our community.  Your commitment to do what is right in the face of opposition is commendable and should be an example for others to follow.  The Opining Quill salutes you.


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