Lights Out Your Board of Education Sits in the Dark

Why?  Why would a person choose to sit on the Board of Education then not want to know what is going on?  Watching the last Board of Ed. meeting on Wednesday the 10th begs the question to the members; why are you there?

Faced with a new report card system having gone into use and without any knowledge of what the system was the Board of Education had the matter on their agenda.  The new report cards had been mentioned in the local newspaper but had never been presented to the Board of Education for review or input.  It seems strange that the so called leaders of Coventry elected to represent the people in educational matters would be left out of the loop and in the dark in developing something so basic and fundamental.

Stranger yet is the reaction at the meeting by Board of Education members.  Mr. Barrett was very clear that he thought the Board members should have had input and an opportunity to review the matter before it went into use and Mr. Malcolm agreed with him.  He had opposition to that reasonable position from vocal Democrats.  Apparently knowing what is going on in detail is more responsibility than they want to accept.

Both Cheri Trudon and Jen Beausoleil expressed their opinion that as members of the Board of Education they did not need the information in detail in advance.  Now if that seems strange consider that after the Board received the information in the form of a presentation on the details both Beausoleil and Trudon wanted to revise the program.  Unfortunately it was too late because report cards were already printed and were to be distributed Friday.

When Mr. Barrett began to point out that the recommendations of Ms. Trudon and Ms. Beausoleil could have been taken into consideration if the Board had received the presentation earlier he was interrupted by Ms. Beausoleil who didn’t want to listen to Mr. Barrett.  Is it too much to expect civility and an open mind with a willingness to stay informed and make constructive contributions by our elected officials in a timely manner?

The development of the new report cards had taken over a year and throughout that time the Board of Education was never consulted or given the opportunity to have input or review of the program.  During the development some parents were given a presentation and provided an opportunity to have input but The Board of Education members were kept in the dark.

Due to a power outage the broadcast of the meeting was interrupted and the screen went dark.  It was a fitting conclusion and provided an atmosphere that apparently some members of the Democratic majority like on the Board of Education, to be left in the dark.

Every taxpayer should be aware of what goes in government and who is doing the job they were elected to do.  The Opining Quill provides information on government and other issues and invites you become a subscriber, to comment on content and to pass on the information to others you think will be interested.


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