Coventry Morns the Loss of a Friend

Coventry lost a leader and friend yesterday with the passing of Larry Pietrantonio.  Mr. Pietrantonio was the current Chairman of the Board of Education but a more fitting title would have been “friend”.

Larry was dedicated to his community and family with a long history of public service.  His participation on public building projects was seen as a labor of love for his friends and neighbors within the community.

The can be no question Larry was an active elected Democrat and every Republican that served with Larry called him, a friend.  There could be a difference of opinion, but there was always respect for the gentleman they called, my friend Larry.

The Town of Coventry has lost a friend in Larry Pietrantonio.  He was proud of his town and worked to make it a better place for all his friends and neighbors.  Larry was an honest man and an honest politician he always did what he felt was right for our community.  He was a leader, and he left a legacy of respect and dedication for all to follow.  If you served with Larry you were a friend because all that really knew Larry called him their friend.

Larry was a friend of education, he believed in our youth and fought to give them every opportunity to grow and learn within our schools.  Larry will be remembered by all that knew him and each of them will say today they have lost a friend.

Larry’s courage in the face of adversity was an example of his strength of character and encouragement to others.  Larry was a gift from God to our community and while he is gone his memory and inspiration will continue to inspire those that called him “friend”.

At home Larry was a husband, a father and a man to admire.  To his family we say thank you for sharing Larry with the community.  Coventry took a lot of his time, his effort and his leadership; we owe you all a debt of gratitude and thanks.

Today our thoughts and prayers are with the Pietrantonio family may our friend Larry rest in peace.



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2 responses to “Coventry Morns the Loss of a Friend

  1. Julie Blanchard

    Thank you for saying so eloquently what we all feel. He will be missed.

    Julie Blanchard

  2. david lamore

    I am sorry to hear of the passing of Larry.having done video for the board of ed.i found Larry to be a knowledgeable person on education. may he rest in peace.

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