Sixty nine years ago today the 7th of December fell on a Sunday, a day originally set aside in colonial villages across New England as a day spent in reflection on the relationship between man and his creator.  This tradition continues as we gather on Sunday mornings in churches across this great nation.  Overseas the men and women serving our nation in uniform gather in some far off land, for a service, mass or quite moment of reflection with their God and so it was on December 7, 1941.

It was on a quite Sunday morning much like any other on the islands of Hawaii where some had gathered for church services. Suddenly and without warning the stillness in the air was broken by the horrific sounds of explosions and gunfire that marked the attack on Pearl Harbor 69 years ago today.

December 7th was a day that changed the course of history and the lives of millions of Americans their hopes and dreams were shattered that day.  Today we remember those brave men and woman servicing our nation at Pearl Harbor on that day, some were killed, some wounded and some lived to fight another day.

Many were young and died that day with dreams of lives not lived, some were fathers, some had children, some were bothers all were loved and all were killed without provocation.  That day was a Sunday, a day many had always set aside as a day of rest but now they are at eternal rest it came suddenly and without warning.

All will be remembered for their loyalty to country, and for their sacrifice in the name of America.  We remember them and honor them but most importantly we should pray for them on this day.

We can not repay them for their contributions to our lives but we shall never forget them.  As Americans we owe them and their families a debt of gratitude which we can never repay.  As parents we must teach our children the lessons of that day and our children should never forget the date December 7th 1941.  Please take a few moments today to say a prayer for the men and women sacrificed on that day and also remember their families.


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