White House Visitor Takes Over For President

Former President Bill Clinton met with current President Barack Obama this week concerning the proposed tax increases.  Well, to be honest some are calling them tax cuts.  Only in Washington could they call extending the current tax rates without a change a tax cut but that discussion is for another day.

After their meeting both men met with the press corps.  Then something extraordinary happened, our elected President stepped aside to allow the former President to explain the current President’s position on the proposal.  Now that is a new approach and people are wondering why it happened.

Here are some of the thoughts on the matter:

  1. The current President never had to explain much as a community organizer and wanted to watch experience at work.
  2. Barack Obama has lost so much credibility since his election even a former President known for lying to a jury would have more credibility.
  3. The liberal progressive Democrats in Congress would swallow anything coming from Bill Clinton.
  4. Perhaps the most plausible explanation was a technical problem.  It seems the Teleprompters were not present and this of course would handicap Barack with a speech impediment.

So Barack did what any thinking man would do, he blamed his early departure on his wife saying he was keeping her waiting.  That should endear the President to the National Organization for Woman and once again maintain the solid support of the woman’s vote.  I mean after all the head of state must have his priorities straight.

Let’s see the economy is a major issue and a key policy vote on taxation is the topic.  Mr. Clinton was famous for the motto, “It’s the Economy Stupid” so he comes to explain things while the current President leaves to join his wife at a Christmas party.  That has some logic to it but only if we accept the fact that Mr. Obama is just an empty suit in the Oval Office and the wizard behind the curtain actually makes the decisions.

In the future watch for Hillary to meet with foreign leaders when they come to Washington because Mrs. Obama may want the President to go party.  Can you see it now, in foreign Capitols and terrorist caves the discussion centers around New Years Eve?  It’s party night, the President will be unavailable and all we have for back up is Joe (foot in the mouth) Biden to call the shots.


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