I Met An Angel Last Night and She Needs Your Help

It was cold last night but I met with an angel.  She didn’t look like the angels in books, she didn’t have any wings, and as far as I know she couldn’t sing a note, but there’s no doubt in my mind she was an angel.

I was in government subsidized housing, in an apartment that could only be described as heavenly clean and neat.  There in the corner was a Christmas tree donated by a friend adorned with white lights and red bows, each one symbolic of a year in the life of the angel I was visiting.

Around the room was a collection of cookies, trays of fresh baked cookies more cookies than I have ever seen in one place in my life.  There were no presents under the tree but there were plenty of cookies.  Every tray was going some place. There was one with over 100 cookies for her visiting care giver, some for her nurse, a large tray for the local senior center care project, some for friends, doctors and neighbors the list just goes on and on.

It struck me each cookie was baked with a little love and each was being donated.  It amazed me how generous my angel is and you should know she can not eat a cookie because of her diabetes.  Yes an angel can have diabetes.

Suddenly the silence was broken when she said, “You seem very quite”.  I replied, “I guess I am just thinking about the true meaning of Christmas”.  The truth is I was in awe of being next to an angel because there is more to this story.

My angel lives alone, on a small disability allotment, she is not in good health, she visits doctors more often than I go to the grocery store.  Her nurse, care giver and therapist are regular visitors and yet she has the heart, and motivation to give what little she has too others in the form of cookies for Christmas.

She turned to me and said “those four big bag over in the corner are for you to deliver.  I was afraid I couldn’t get them done and I really wanted to help those folks for Christmas.”  I could feel the love for mankind in the air.  Here she was, overcoming the effects of spinal surgery in November and her only true concern was cookies for others in need.

I walked over, bent down and reached into one of the large bags, my hand grabbed one smaller decorative Christmas bag filled with cookies; oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, peanut butter and of course traditional Christmas sugar cookies.  As I looked at the Santa on the bag the angel spoke, “I hope this helps”.  There before me were over 200 bags of cookies all to be donated to the Manchester Area Council of Churches for their Christmas dinner program.

The angel spoke again, “I wish I had $50.00 to give each of one of the people that will get one of those bags they really need it.”  I know if she had the money she would give it away, I have seen her do it before.

There before me was the true meaning of Christmas and I was visiting with an angel, she spoke one last time, “I always felt it was better to give than receive, giving provides great joy.”  I was inspired, inspired to write and ask you to consider a gift to those in need this Christmas in the name of an angel………………

Please visit the Manchester Area Council of Churches donation page on the internet



In these last few days before Christmas please forward a link to this page to your friends so that others can have a very Merry Christmas.


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One response to “I Met An Angel Last Night and She Needs Your Help

  1. Anonymous

    I guess I am supposed to be an angel!! Not quite true. I am just someone that enjoys giving what she can. Yes, I live in subsidized housing and live on a small disability check. The food stamps I do get are plenty enough for me, and once in a while I can share what I have with others. Since I can no longer work I love to keep busy, that is why I am always baking or doing some kind of cooking that I can share with someone that might or might not have as much as I do. In this building there are quite a few children living with grandparents or disabled parents, there are also many, many lonely people, so I try to give something to make these people smile, and just feel like; hey! there is someone out there that cares. So if this is your discreption of an angel, then I thank you; for this is the highest compliment that I have ever been given. Please, to all you read this, stop and think of a neighbor, friend, relative or just someone walking down the street; maybe they need to see a kind face, a warm greeting, or even a gift as small as a home baked cookie. This is the greatest gift that anyone can give; just putting a smile on someone’s face.

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