Elections Bring a Change in Washington but No Change in Mr. Blumenthal

Last November the voters of Connecticut gave Richard Blumenthal a vote of confidence and elected him to the United States Senate.  His campaign repeated the slogan “you know me” over and over and it was related to his frequent lawsuits as the Connecticut Attorney General.

One newspaper, the New Times broke a story early in his campaign about Mr. Blumenthal’s representing he served in Vietnam.  Now that is old news and Mr. Blumenthal said he misspoke about eight times and regretted it happened.  Ok, the voters gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Now it seems he has either misspoke again or has a chronic problem remember where he has been.

During a press conference in Washington, D.C., Mr. Blumenthal told the assembled crowd and members of the press, “Since the days of Roe v. Wade, when I clerked for Justice Blackmun, as a state legislator, as attorney general, I have fought this battle.”  That sounds good but there seems to be a problem.

Mr. Blumenthal did not clerk for Justice Blackmun during the days of Roe v. Wade.  History tells us the Roe v Wade decision was handed down in 1973 and Mr. Blumenthal clerked for Justice Blackmun in 1974.  Oops, I guess he misspoke or doesn’t really remember what he was doing in 1973.

Oh well he is Mr. Blumenthal and as he says, “you know me”.  Yes Dick, we know you and now we again have confirmation of what we can expect from you.  I think you call it misspeak, but it would be better if we just got truth and honesty.  We will accept you for the work you really do if it is worthwhile, you don’t need to embellish the facts, if what you do is a good job.  Rest assured Dick, it’s ok we can handle the truth.

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